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To paraphrase George C. Scott, If I were ever stranded on a desert island, there would be three things I’d need: food, shelter, and my camera. I was drawn to the magical world of moving images since very early age, and I am grateful to my mother for spending hundreds of hours with me in a dark cinema room, watching all kinds of films, from Indian melodramas and Bruce Lee to Hitchcock, Bergman, Polanski... 

We at Alma Films and Videos believe there is beauty in everything and everyone. We do our best to to capture that beauty with our camera and create memorable and unique videos that will stay with our clients forever.


Whether you need your special occasion filmed and edited into a short film, or you want to immortalise your fabulous cooking skills or you have loads of little clips you filmed with your phone and don't know what do to with, we are here for you! We can put those clips together and tell your unique story. We can film your birthday or your wedding, your special presentation or performance. What ever your need, we will make sure it will be met with enthusiasm, creativity and outmost dedication.


We have experience in filming many different types of events, including instructional cooking videos, theatre performances, music videos, film festivals... We also create promotional videos for small businesses and schools. 

So don't wait! Come to Alma Films and Videos and let's get creative!

Tel  31627447237

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